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Round 3 Phase 4: Wrapping Up Christmas and My First R3 Steak Day

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Whew, the Christmas season is rapidly passing me by. We just got back from Christmas at my husband’s brother’s house. We spent 3 nights with Hub’s eldest brother, got to see family we have not seen in almost a year, and have yet another Christmas feast. I indulged. Although, I did watch the scale. I have stabilized about 1.5 pounds under LIW during round 3. For this Christmas celebration, I ate what I wanted, pie and all. So, after two and ½ days of eating like a pig (I am on phase 4 BTW) I need a steak day today. I am fine with that. I eeked up from a couple pounds below my LIW to well above my 2 pound window. Oh well. I figure I will be back in safe land tomorrow. I am looking forward to a large piece of beef tonight. And, since my kitchen is destroyed due to water damage (very long story) we are going out. Seeing my husband’s family was nice. And, I know he needed some time with them.

So, a little about my water damage problem… On December 3rd, my husband called me at work and told me the water heater was shooting water to the ceiling, there was a couple inches of water in the utility room, kitchen, dining room, and some in the living room, and water was running into our ductwork. SIGH. Now, I am a grant writer. And, this day was my very busiest day of the entire year…really. So, I responded to him, “call the insurance adjuster…see you in a couple hours.” BOY oh Boy, he did not appreciate that at all. And, I don’t blame him. But in light of the fact that had I left, I would have been fired, I had no choice. Anywho, December 3 was the beginning of the demolition of flooring, floors, underlayment, and some sub-floor in 4 rooms. My kitchen cabinets have been demolished. My cooktop and over were removed. The dishwasher is in my living room. All of my dining room set is in the end of my living room along with everything else that was not physically built into the wall...and some stuff that was permanently build in. When I walked into the house on December 4th, there was bare subfloor, and there were holes in the subfloor big enough to step through. You could see the ground under my house for days while the giant high velocity fans and dehumidifier did their job. Very stressful. Very stressful on me, on my husband, on our relationship. We have had the worst fight in our relationship since this started. YUCK!!!

Now, when this is all repaired, it will be great. Because all the old stuff was constructed with particle-board (which I DO NOT recommend), the water caused everything to swell and warp. So all of that had to be removed including all of the floors that had any water at all, all of the cabinets that directly touched the floor….Literally everything in three rooms was pulled out (sans the fridge ‘cause I might have threatened someone). Washer and dryer were in the carport. Dishwasher, cooktop, and over are in my living room. All my cooking stuff has been “stored” in the sunroom. All the vinyl flooring and underlayment gone. All the carpet cut and pulled back to expose the underlayment. The underlayment under my carpet has been removed... I have never had my house in such terrible turmoil. And, to add insult to injury, I had JUST started phase 3 on December 1st. WOW, it has been crazy!!

So, after a couple days of ice cold showers and eating cheese and spinach from the fridge, an awesome lady from the demolition contractor told me that insurance would cover the cost of eating out. We have been eating great since then! Hahaha! But, it would be nice to cook a meal in my own kitchen. To help a bit, I put the microwave and coffee maker in our bathroom because it has the only cabinet counter big enough to hold it. And, I have figured out how to cook eggs in the microwave so they do not taste like a hockey puck. So, breakfast is great, and dinner is usually out somewhere. We are coping.

It was interesting today, though, when we arrived back at home from our little Christmas-staycation, the tension and stress was right here waiting for us. The house is still up-side-down. We left it in a mess trying to get to the brother’s on time. And, we have stuff laying out of place everywhere. OH, AND OF COURSE, I decided today would be the perfect time to clean out a closet or two. The upheaval in my home has made me want to nest. …And clean. …And THROW A BUNCH OF CRAP OUT!!!!!

We are learning quite a bit about each other during this too. We handle stress very differently. I MUST vent, talk, get it out… He gets quiet. We process in very different ways. I still think he hung the moon. He IS the hottest brother of three tall, good-looking, brothers.

Oh well. That is my randomness for the day. And in case you have not figured out, I blog about some of this craziness as an outlet to vent, talk, and get it out…rather than driving my very hot, tall, good-looking, ‘hung-the-moon-man’ crazy with my YACK, YACK, YACK!

Have a great evening, and thanks for reading!

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