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In the 160's!! It's been decades!

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Today I made it to 169.5! I can not remember when I was this weight. I dieted thru much of High School and the lowest weight I have ever gotten to was around 140 - 145, which was a really good weight for me. I got married at 17 when I graduated and this year we will celebrate our 32nd Anniversary!

Not long after I got married the weight just started packing on. Then came the PCOS diagnosis and the weigh gain never stopped. I fought for years with fertility drugs to no avail. The last round on them I was in my late 30's and I got Fibromyalgia which took at least 6 years to diagnose. I tried going off the fibro meds because there was a risk of birth defects. I couldn't stand the pain so we had to give up on our dream of having children and back on the meds I went. Wonder why they didn't try HCG?

Anyway I've sort of rambled here.....but I'm excited to see the 160's. I turn 50 in November and it's my goal to be healthy by 50 and I'm on my way!!

49 Female - 5' 6"

January 2011 - Round 1
Starting Weight (after load): 203
43 Day Round Lost 25.5 lbs
LDW 177.5 Maintained at 178.0

March 2011 - Round 2
R2 Load Day 1 = 178.0
R2 Load Day 2 = 180.5
VLCD9 = 169.5

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