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Record of R1P4 Weights - LOADING now YAY!

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Well finally finished with Round 1. Today was last day of Phase 4 and I ended up a half a lb over LDW. I'm happy with that! I'm swapping from HHCG to SubQ injections this round. Can't believe how easy it was to mix and give myself the shot. The forums and moderators made instructions so easy. If someone had given me the shot with my head turned, I don't know if I would have known it was over. I didn't feel it. I guess I pinched that fat good enough, waited till the Hcg was room temp. and did everything right.

So I've been loading today. We went out for mexican food tonight complete with guacamole and sour cream. I had 2 hot dogs for lunch along with pita chips and humus. On the not so healthy side but truly fat side, I've had Baskin Robbins pralines and cream ice cream, oatmeal cookies, and chocolate covered marshmallow eggs.

Tomorrow I plan to have eggs with cheese and coffee with lots of half and half, For lunch it will be hot dogs, pita chips, humus, avocados, almonds, and some chocolate milk. Supper will be lasagna followed by Baskin Robbins Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream plus I plan to finish off those marshmallow eggs and maybe more chocolate milk.

I put on 4 lbs loading the first round. Hopefully I won't do too bad this time. So excited to start Phase 2 again. Just wanted to have a blog record of my Phase 4 weights.

49 Female - 5' 6" - R1P2 = 43 days

Phase 4 - Daily Weights
LDW 177.5
3/6 D1 = 177.5-----3/13D8 = 180.0-----3/20D15=177.0
3/7 D2 = 177.0-----3/14D9 = 177.5-----3/21D16=177.5
3/8 D3 = 176.0-----3/15D10=175.5-----3/22D17=176.0
3/9 D4 = 177.5-----3/16D11=175.0-----3/23D18=177.5
3/10D5 = travel-----3/17D12=175.5-----3/24D19=178.5
3/11D6 = travel-----3/18D13=176.0-----3/25D20=178.5
3/12D7 = 179.5-----3/19D14=176.0-----3/26D21=178.0

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  1. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Sounds like you have it all down! I shouldn't have read your load descriptions....I'm craving now!!