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Eleven Shots to go and STALLED

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I have only eleven syringes left to take for this loooong round of hcg and I have still lost just a little over 30 pounds. I can see the light at the end of the round, but am finding these last days difficult for at least a couple of reasons. The biggest problem is that I have been stalled for several days, and even on those days when I can eke out a loss, it is only about .2 pounds and may even come back the next day. Yes, I am near a set-point, so it is not surprising, but it is much harder to be enthusiastic about keeping to the diet when you don't have any NEW thing good to show for it.

Secondly, I am really finding the food, or at least the cooking of it, repulsive. The only things I look forward to having are the J Robb protein shakes (NOT strictly on protocol) and a hard-boiled egg. One day I made the mistake of having THREE shakes in the same day - the calories and protein count sounded ok, but that gave me intestinal problems so I won't be repeating that particular experiment. The chocolate/egg white shake with added instant decaf coffee, powdered vanilla and ice has been the most satisfying thing I have had in several weeks - YUMMM...

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  1. Paendora's Avatar
    Since you aren't interested in cooking, has that caused you to eat less? Not eating enough can cause stalls just like eating the wrong things or too much of good things. Look how far you've come!

    I haven't ventured into the shakes yet. Did some similar on Atkins, but haven't seen the need yet to supplement protocol.

    well...except for the okra yesterday. I looked it up on the Atkins chart and there's tons of fiber in Okra, and it was fresh and at the farmer's market and ...I did ok. still lost. While I shouldn't recommend off protocol, you might try substituting a vegetable or two for variety...maybe there's something your body needs from a different veggie or meat to move forward and let go of those last pounds?

    Enjoying your sharing,
  2. kbj's Avatar
    Thanks, Susan, for you thoughts. I've tried getting prepared veggies or salad bar selections from Whole Foods and Boston Market, but the only thing I could stomach was the hard-boiled egg. I'm pretty sure this is a stall due to a long-term set-point, and I'm just not going to fret too much about it. I'm eating the protein shakes with strawberries thrown in, an occasional egg, and taking both digestive enzymes and detox support with lots of vitamins, in addition to a B12 shot.

    Honestly, it feels a whole lot like when I was pregnant and could only stomach the thought of carbs which, of course, I can't have now. Sooo, I've decided to skip my last skip days - I never lost the next day anyway - and just ride out my last shots and see if the scale drops anymore. If yes, great, if not, then I will move on to "cheese & avocado & bacon, oh my!" and be thrilled for the achieved losses and the yummy food!