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Finally, The Show Is On The Road...

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I've been trying to get started on the HCG diet for four months now. To reassure my husband, I promised that I would get approval from my doctors, (specifically my newly needed cardiologist), have our GP oversee the diet and use a local pharmacy. Several weeks ago everything was lined up, with the sticking point of the dosage. My compounding pharmacist (who knows more about the diet than my GP) insists that Dr. Simeon used 125 iu dosages and that I should start at the same. However, I have gleaned from the thousands of posts on the hcgdietforums that, while 125 iu works fine for the intramuscular injections, it does not work well for the subcutaneous injections that I will use. 150 - 175 iu usually works better. After much wrangling, I lost, because I ran out of patience with the delays, and because the only prescription my GP will give is for what the pharmacist recommends. So, I ordered sub-lingual drops online to supplement with in case I feel starving on the 125 iu injections. At least I finally get to pick up the HCG pre-mixed syringes today, the subl-ingual drops should arrive today or tomorrow, and I will start the shots tomorrow. I'm supposed to do a pre-load load day today. I'm already sick of food, and hoping that downing lots of fish and flax oil capsules will help make up for whatever I miss in food volume.

I am aghast at what I weigh. I have never been near this weight level before and cannot yet even publicly acknowledge it. It does appear, however, that I will need to do one round of HCG just to release the weight that I have gained since February, when they accidentally discovered that I am in Atrial Fibrillation. Subsequent rounds will be needed to lose what I consider my "real" excess weight.

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