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P3 - halfway through it

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Of course I started P3 eating too many kinds of food. I had been sick of the P2 food for a couple of weeks and was starving. I wanted YUMMY food NOW! So, with cheese, bacon, eggs with cheese, almond flour bread, flax seed bread, greek yogurt, raw almonds with cheese, almond butter, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, blueberries, peaches, turkey and cheese, sf salad dressing and ketchup, and even more cheese, I tried to sate my appetite.

Immediately, I regained the "cushion" of about two pounds that I had lost after stopping hcg. Then I gained the two pounds of leeway that Dr. S. allows over LIW. Then I added even a couple more pounds.

Somewhere in there, I dutifully had a steak day, after which I only dropped one pound. I tried a protein day along the way too, just eating meat, and only dropped one pound. Each of these pounds I regained the next day.

Just when I thought I was going to be a P3 failure, things settled down. I decided to skip the breakfast eggs and have my "normal" liquid breakfast of coffee without the heavy cream. I added the water with ACV that I had had throughout P2 as pretend "juice" and some vitamins. Lo and Behold, I dropped below LIW the first day, and lost another half a pound the second, bringing me to only a few ounces above my LIW.

I have always found, since I was a kid, that eating a solid breakfast makes me hungry the entire day, and now is no exception. So, even though I was trying the "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" thing, it probably made me eat more throughout the day in addition to the calories in the meal itself.

Soooo, I hope that I have found my sweet spot and can continue to try new foods in P3 without scale issues. NOW I get to worry about P4, but I think that I will be able to add starches and sugars in much more slowly than I added new foods in P3, since I have so much more yummy food I can eat already.

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  1. ddRN's Avatar
    Oh! Check out eatinglow.com. Her recipes are here including videos. http://www.eatinglow.com/recipes.htm She is a little scattered but it is fun to watch. What I like is she uses the fewest amounts of the simplest ingredients so it isn't a huge undertaking to make one of her recipes. She has a recipe for a protein cookie I am going to make for my mom. She uses Splenda but we could easily replace it with stevia
  2. thomygirl's Avatar
    kbj; I am in P3 day 19 now, so we are in about the same spot. I start p4 this Thursday and am a little worried about it as well. I have had no problems in p3 with stabalizing, but I know bread is my enemy. Now I just have to add them in slowly and see if it is all starch's or just yeast breads or simple carbs that are my enemies!!!!
  3. kbj's Avatar
    I'm jealous of your stabilizing easily in P3 - I still go up & down and haven't added in much new since my first days. and yes, yes, yes, bread is almost the best food ever! I loooove homemade bread for sandwiches, toast, dunked in chili, croutons, french toast, with cheese or pate....on and on and on...I'm not sure I will even add it in this P4, since I am going to start P2 again right after it is over...