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VLCD 21, Total Loss: 24.4 pounds

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I think that I am half-way through my vlcdays now. I have been skipping the hcg shot one day a week (Sundays) and taking a B-12 shot instead. There have been a couple of days when I have gained - .9 once and .7 another time, but I have always lost the weight the next day. There have been no serious stalls, although I have been expecting one this week, as it often seems to happen about this time from what I have read.

I've been on vacation for about ten days now, and am extremely happy that the weight loss has continued. Going out to eat has been a bit of a struggle, and sitting with my family while they have fresh bread, appetizers, drinks and dessert has been difficult, but I don't want them to have to forgo the pleasures of great restaurants just because I decided to be on the diet at this time. Once I received doctor's ok and gave up on the fight to get the dosage increased, I did not want to wait another month until after vacation to begin.

I am very happy with my losses. The first seven pounds or so made a dramatic improvement in my ability to breathe. Since my atrial fibrillation saga began in February, I knew that I was retaining fluid and that it was making it difficult to breathe, but the doctors didn't seem to want to do anything about it: they were focused on the heart rate and rythm. The additional losses have allowed a waist line to reappear and a double chin to basically disappear. I have not taken measurements since the losses, I was saving that for if/when I have a stall to use as encouragement to stick with it. I hope to get close to 40 pound loss this round, yes, a few pounds over Dr. Simeons recommended loss, but it would get me into the 100's again. I was a dozen pounds below it about three years ago, but I was on one meal a day and swimming two miles a day. When I tore both rotator cuffs and couldn't swim and had some other issues, the weight started coming back. The miracle of this diet is that we are supposed to be able to eat normally when the protocol is finished, and not gain weight. I sure hope it works! I do so look forward to the end of August when I will be on P3 and be able to have cheese and avocados and olives etc. etc....

It is difficult, but it is worth it. As someone else put it: "Dieting is hard, being fat is hard. Pick your hard."

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