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Finally broke the 30 pound barrier today. My clothes are fitting much better and I know that I look much healthier too. My losses have been slowing down, but for now I still plan on going for a long round of 40 shots plus the skip days plus the three vlcdays after stopping hcg, so actually about 48 days.

My only real concern at the moment is my LACK of appetite. Sure I could work up an appetite for things that I'm not allowed to have at this time, but the thought of cooking and eating beef, chicken or fish AGAIN makes me queasy. I know that I was not getting enough protein for a while, so I would eat a hard boiled egg and then I tried the J Robb protein shakes (NOT strictly on protocol). For the last couple of days that is all I have had to eat - the shake with a few strawberries a couple of times a day. I may have to eat an egg as well, because I don't think that I am getting either enough protein or calories. Of course I would rather it were this way than that I couldn't stop lusting after peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pizza! But still, it doesn't seem the healthiest and I am glad that I am taking some supplements and digestive enzymes.

I hope that my losses pick up again so that it feels worth it to go the long round. When I start a second round in January, I have already decided that it will be the minimum 23 shots, as will any future round if I decide to do a third one. But for now, I am happy with the results and hope to hold out until the end of the long round.

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