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I felt so ill from loading that it was a true relief on vlcd1 to eat very little. I've been taking the 125 iu sub-q and have some dried corion in the fridge in case I need to mix to supplement the dosage, but so far I haven't really been hungry. Sure, I get twinges when I see or think about something I've really liked to eat or drive past places that had my favorite items (like Panera's Sierra Turkey sandwich), but overall I have been OK. Out of fear that my thyroid issues or age or heart medications would make the diet less likely to work for me, I haven't even been eating all of the food allowed on the protocol. I decided before I started that I would skip the grissini/melba. I know that carbs are my downfall and one is never enough. The tablespoon of milk also seemed so minimal - I like my coffee VERY strong and with a LOT of warm milk - that I am skipping it. Instead, I am drinking rather weak, flavored coffee such as hazelnut and vanilla cream and I don't miss the milk much. In addition, I have been skipping most of the fruits. I had tomato once in chili and an apple one night but that is all. I'm planning on using the fruit more to satisfy cheating impulses or cravings. For exercise, I played water polo (in innertubes) on Monday and swam a mile last night (Wed.). The result is, depending on which of my scales you believe: my new digital scale reading of down 7.7 lbs or, on my old doctor's scale with the weights you slide over until the bar raises,

DOWN 9.5 Pounds!

I am very relieved and pleased. Next week we go on vacation and I will only have the new digital scale on which to rely. I will try to not get discouraged.

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