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P3 Day 17..SO FAR SO GOOD!

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I am maintaining my weight. Lost a total of 28 inches so far. I was concerned that my weight might go up after this past Saturday. We had our annual food drive for the Letter Carriers. I picked up so much food! Especially canned food. Customers on my route are super generous. I was having to "shotput" the bags of food into the Postal Vehicle. I picked up 3 truckloads...so I figured with all that "weight lifting" I might be up..but instead I dropped 3 pounds. I am back up to my last day of hcg weight today.
I really want to stay on P3 until I start my next round June 8. I may allow for one day with carbs when my friends and I have our annual slumber party on Memorial Day weekend. Nothing like a bunch of middle aged women acting silly, drinking & talking all night. Last year we stayed up until 4 am...took a short nap and were up at it again at 7 am.

One more thing..have you all seen this video? It is so cute..hope this link works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMVJgPQDjv8

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  1. Miche's Avatar
    Great job on P3 Kelle.... 28 inches is awesome girl! That should equal a couple of sizes down!
  2. Journey7's Avatar
    Wow congratulations!! 28 inches!! My goodness! That is a lot of inches, seeing you guys make blogs like these make me so happy to be on this forum, the success rate with HCG is MINDBLOWING a blessing, truely! Wow you picked up a lot of food! congratulations on being back to your HCG weight, seems like your maintaining beautifully! the video was adorable you posted!! <3
  3. maggiep's Avatar
    congrats on the loss and sizes down! That's awesome!!