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P4 ~ maintaining 2 pounds below LDW

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My girlfriends and I had our annual slumber party. (a bunch of middle aged "girls' even one great-grandma) We do this every Memorial Weekend. The friend who hosts it is a phenominal cook...she makes awesome desserts. I allowed myself a small piece of each thing plus 1 chocolate martini. Yesterday I drank lots of water and made sure to take my probiotics and magnesium. It was so fun to not go overboard and the best part...to maintain! I am ready to start my next round, have my drops on the way and also got a P2 cookbook... I'll start in 2 weeks. Next to do yoga and breathing exercises to see how many inches I might lose. It's just a miracle...

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  1. maggiep's Avatar
    Congrats on maintaining!
    What day are you starting your next p2? I'm starting June 3
  2. Kellectible's Avatar
    I am starting June 8. I may have a PI around July 4th as we may go to Florida to visit friends, I think traveling and P2 would be really hard...but I will right back on it when we get back. I look forward to keeping up with you Maggie
  3. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    Way to listen to your body!