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Phase 3 Day 10...still maintaining :)

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I measured as well and have dropped 3 more inches in the past week. That's a total of 26.5 inches gone since March 26th! I tried doing some yoga but strained some muscles on my side or bruised a rib...so maybe should just do some walking and deep breathing exercises for now. This is such a miracle to me, not only to lose 27 pounds but to keep it off...my plan is to stay on Phase 3 until we go on a little trip to celebrate my hubby's 50th birthday next month... FUN! Then to start another round! I am very lucky too to have a health food store with a very knowledgable owner along with her daughter who has lost 60 pounds and kept it off for almost 2 years with hcg. I so appreciate all of the posts, I have read and read most all of them and what a difference to have so much wisdom and understanding so readily available. I feel very grateful today.

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  1. Rabo's Avatar
    I agree, it is a miracle. I was curious how many people here had tried and tried and tried to lose weight without success prior to trying hcg. I know how to diet and how to lose weight and all my tricks were failing me until I discovered hcg. I'm so grateful!

    Congrats on doing so well!
  2. Kellectible's Avatar
    Thanks so much. I know for me I have tried and succeeded in losing weight then succeded at gaining....all since the age of 15 when I fasted for 4 days. I am now 52..interesting how much of my life and energy has been about my weight. :-)
  3. maggiep's Avatar
    Sounds like you have an awesome support network between the two at the health food store! That's awesome! As for your party before your next round, mind if I ask where you're going? It sounds like a blast to go away to celebrate a birthday
  4. Kellectible's Avatar
    Hey Maggiep...We are going to Tunica MS to gamble, but the big surprise for my hubby I paid for him to be able to drive a Nascar at the Memphis Motorsport Park. He has no idea...only thinks we are gambling a little. It's all I can do to keep the secret