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Check in Time

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HI Everyone,
Well still moving in the right direction downward. I will weigh again on Friday for my week 1 number of pounds loss. So far I think this will be my biggest number ever in week one. I did the leptin reset after my last round and I do think it worked. Not only am I have NO menopause symptoms at all but I also am sleeping, sweating when working out and feeling so amazing. I am sure that my body is now changed in and it was well worth all those BAB! Althought I did find it hard to eat only when hungry at times ( that is because I am still fighting emotional eating)!

I can not say how happy I am and glad I found hcg - it is not a diet it is a cure for obesity. Those who treat it as a diet will find out how unforgiving it can be.
It is a hormonal shift and of how your body deals with hunger and food and needs to be treated with respect and not compromised. I must admit that I did it my first round half heartedly and probably only lost 13 pounds because of it. Not a good idea, plus who knows what I messed up hormonally in the process.

So today I am soooooo Happy To be where I am with this amazing obesity cure, and how I feel when I am on it now.
Thank you Dr Simeons!! You were right.

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