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Dose Skipping Day

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Yesterday I skipped my dose because I was just feeling to hungry the day before. I think it helped as yesterday I felt fine and today I feel even better as I lowered my dose. It seems every round I end up having to do this at least after the first week once. I'm not really sure of my exact dose I'm taking now but would guesstimate about 140ish. It was like 170ish before the adjustment. I just put a bit .2 less in the syringe so not really sure exactly? Hmm. Oh well I think it is right now as I feel much better.

Week one has come and gone and I lost a total of -8.0 pounds. That is the great news, my goal for this round it to get to 135 which places me exactly half way there after week one. I think I can, I think I can. It is not easy for me to lose 4 pounds a week however in the following two weeks. As time goes on I lose less and less, which is why I always opt to do shorter round 23-30 days tops. That works for me, and I've never had any trouble stabalizing as some have. Not even once. I did regain a bit of weight in P4 last round because I just did it to fast I think.

Anyway round 3 is going well, at the end of this round I should have lost a total of 35 pounds since March. That is not bad for me. I still have about 15 more after this round - so one more round in Fall and I should be home, then the hard work begins of maintenance!! That is the true challenge, jus task those who have come and gone and come - emotional eating must be dealt with as well as eating when not hungry..Onward hcg soldier!!

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