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Lindor weakness ....

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Today I woke up after being stuck pretty much for a couple to an almost pound loss - so yeah and about time! I was super excited about that as the day started. I have been having a bit of a harder time this week overal on my resolve and today I ate a Lindor Chocolate. OMG it was so good - they are my fav and I just can't seem to resist just one. I hope it don't hurt me to much on my losses tomorrow. I've been so strong - I don't know what happened, I just caved in.

One thing about this diet is the amount of dicipline it does take, because there really is no room for cheating on this diet, if you cheat even a little it shows on the scale, just like Dr S said it would. Most diets allow occasional cheat days or moments, but not this one. So it is hard and it does take a lot of resolve. Makes me wonder how we got here in the first place when we are able to do such a hard diet to follow. To me it is hard, the choices are so little. I get sick of the same food day after day.
Then if you stall or have no loss days it gets even harder.. I am almost to week four, and I look forward to ending soon, however I hope to have lost at least 15 pounds.
So NO more cheating for me, that was my one and only this round!

As far as how I feel - great! I'm not hungry really ( wanting more variety yes, hungry no) I have energy. When I do work out though, I do feel it more then when I'm eating carbs in my muscles. Yet I won't stop I see my leg muscles now - something I haven't in a long time. This morning I fit in my size 8 shorts, a size not worn in over two years. So happy - very - at goal not yet, but feeling great.

I am pretty sure I will still need one more round after this one, but I'll see how it goes. During P3 I will eat Primal and may be able to lose the rest that way. As I was losing it that way before this round already. My body really responded well to eating Primal and the Leptin Reset..

10 more days on P2.. I wish to lose 5 pounds that would be cool..

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