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New Loss...

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Well it took less time then I actually had expected to get to my LIW after I gained 6 pounds total.
This morning I woke up VLCD 4 gone and done and I am at 144, which is -7.0 pounds from load weight. So I am a happy
camper now - now I can feel good about weighing in once a week or so and not being obssesive, I just needed to at least
get to my LIW.

This round is going very well for me so far. It is round three and so far I think I feel better then the other rounds ( less hunger - more energy-
sleeping better)
Keep my eye on the goal ( which is 135 for this round). I'm hoping it is on the shorter side of rounds as I have a trip planned Aug 1st.
Well keep at it.. Stay focused and only eat once hungry.. Most important of all - we are retraining our body to recognize and respond to food
appropriately - don't be afraid of slight hunger - it is a good thing!

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