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On my way!

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Well I am on my way now. Today is VLCD3 and I woke up and I'm another pound down. Making 4 pounds in 2 days of VLCD! So yeah 2 more to go until my LIW- Which you have a plus or minus 2 pounds anyway.
So I'll take that.

Last night was my first real struggle with head hunger though. My son was making home made cinnamon rolls in the kitchen and it smelled up the whole house amazingly. That is one of my favorite smells.
But I held my ground and didn't cave or try to have one bite. That is my old way - Well one bite surely won't hurt me is what I would say. Yes, one bite will hurt me on this diet.

So yeah for victories. I can't wait to get to my LIW as I will start weighing in a lot less. Maybe once or twice per week. If you haven't got a copy of Weight Loss Apocolypse - I would definately recommend it. It is written by a lady who has lost over 100 pounds on hcg and she deals with the emotional side of things a lot.

Well cheers to the weekend and more weight loss!

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