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P4 and Where Have I been

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Wow I just realized I havn't really blogged at all in P3 -P4 this round. I guess I have been on the forum threads just not blogging. I do love blogging and now wish I would of kept it up - as it is a great way for me to record ' how things are going along the way'. Now I'm going to have to try to be brief and catch back up.

So right at the start of P3 I went to Cabo on vacation for a week and kept track of my weight for the first few days, then decided to just relax and enjoy my time, my friends were happy about that. I figured you know what - I go on a true vacation very seldom and it don't make sense obsessing over food and not enjoying myself.
So I got back home and had only gained 3 pounds to my surprise, pretty sure most of them were from Pina Coladas :-) I lost that weight within about three days of being home. Never did a correction or steak day just started eating P3 properly again. Came right off - SWEET!!
So my whole P3 no steak days.

Now I've been in P4 for over 2 weeks and I have done 2 steak days to bring my weight back to LIW. The first time I ate corn - which I now know I'm allergic to, and the second was this Sunday as I ate way to much junk food one day. That was my first day of just eating off with no regard. Something I use to do often. I have been good about doing my steak day immediately and weighing myself daily. Because I have done my steak days the first day over 2.0 pounds - I have been able to maintain perfectly. I knew the days I gained and why I gained - Not like I didn't expect it.. I am feeling good though - I'm learning my body and what I can and can't eat and how I respond to certain foods.

So it's all good. Back to P2 I go on July 4th - looking forward to losing more weight. So far so good - I lose about 13-15 pounds a round, and tend to do shorter rounds. I set myself up to Sail not Fail. That strategy is working for me. That is the one thing - everyone has to do what actually works for them. I heard so many stories that you won't stabalize well on a shorter round et, et. I have never had that problem, I have stabalized just as well on longer as shorter. Usually after three weeks my body really slows down the weight loss and it just isn't worth it to lose a pound a week to me. Well that is my story, and the Saga continues. More to come! I really need to keep blogging..

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