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P4 focus..

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Well I find P4 a lot harder then P3 and not really sure if leaving P3 ever is a good idea for me. I try like just a bite or just one, but then I worry about what may happen and it hardly seems worth the risk. I am finding for the most part (maybe once on the weekend) I am perfectly content eating Primal and focusing on eating when hungry and stopping when full. Stopping when full is a bit harder I find.

I will be loading lightly in one week (July 4th loaders) The reason I say lightly is because if you are already eating Primal you don't need to pig out - your normal fat reserves should be fairly full to begin with. I've read other post of people not having to load at all - So I plan on eating tons of healthy fats but now gorging or over eating by any means. Hopefully I will still gain a pound or two.

I must say it seems like a long time to not have lost any weight after this round. I can't wait to start losing again. I find it hard to stop losing in between rounds and focus on stability. How bout the rest of you? I get use to losing and want that to continue!
Well have a great day everyone!

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