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R3P2D1 Injection

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Well here I am again ready to start another round. I officially started my first shot today! Yeah I am so beyond ready to start losing again! It is hard during the stabalization phase P4 especially - not very good at that. I do great in P3 as long as I eat Primal/Paleo. So I guess that will be my life.

I have gained 5 pounds from my LIW from last round and that was all pretty much this past week. I kind of refused to do a steak day knowing I was starting again anyways. Hopefully that won't bite me in the butt.
Oh well life goes on. I am planning on loading lightly the next couple of days as I feel I have loaded fine the past week anyways :-) Not like I'm starving or anything.

I feel pretty good that I will be fine because I eat tons of healthy fats all the time anyways.

Well if anyone wants to join the new thread it is;
forum/groups/july 4th loaders..

Heres to losing weight again!! Yeah!!

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