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~Jump and find your wings on the way down...Author Unknown~

Rough Day

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I like to make sure I am looking at a glass half full rather than half empty but today just got the best of me! I made the mistake of getting absorbed in daily household priorities this morning and did not realize until around 12:30 pm that I was starving. I ALWAYS am structured with my timing from getting up, shot, coffee, breakfast, snack etc so this totally threw me off. When it hit all hell broke loose and I felt slammed with instant headache, FREEZING (even put gloves on and a blanket...felt like even my bones hurt), fatigue so quick that I seriously had to go lay down because I was so wiped out! I feel better now but not "back to normal"... it really threw me for a loop and feel like I was not able to give my best today...water input sucked....just not my best day and I hate that!!! I can say that I will not be doing that again....not while VLCDing!! Looking forward to just going to bed and having this day over

Loading (12/03) 258 lb
Loading (12/04) 257 lb
VLCD1 (12/05) 253 lb
VLCD2 (12/06) 249 lb
VLCD3 (12/07) 245.5 lb
VLCD4 (12/08) 243.5 lb

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hi Kellie, you've done an amazing job in a short time! We are all learning and all have days that get away from us. I had the same kind of day yesterday...forgot my drops at home! And I was trying to do a steak day! By the time I got home, I was famished. what can you do?

    Tomorrow will be better!