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~Jump and find your wings on the way down...Author Unknown~

VLCD D5 and going strong

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Today went really well! I was pretty worried about pms and cravings with it being first day of TOM but I felt good and wasn't even bothered that my whole family had McD's in the house tonight! The smell did not get to me really at all....now, just seeing that beautiful Big Mac did cause a little bit of a mouth water but then I realized that that pretty little thing was a pretty big part of why I am where I am. The convenience of grabbing some fast food while carting 3 teenagers around made life a little simpler but so not worth it in the end....now to work on the family and help them to realize that they don't want that garbage will be another task

Loading (12/03) 258 lb
Loading (12/04) 257 lb
VLCD1 (12/05) 253 lb
VLCD2 (12/06) 249 lb
VLCD3 (12/07) 245.5 lb
VLCD4 (12/08) 243.5 lb
VLCD5 (12/09) 243 lb ***TOM

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  1. mommaof34monkeys's Avatar
    Good JOB!!! you are an inspiration!!! keep up the good work!