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I decided to do something a little different last night and take my shot at night. I seriously slept so good last night and I normally have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I also did my measurements and now I know why I have felt like I had regained all the weight back even though the scale said I was the same. I've totally regained back almost all the inches I lost. I don't know how that can be but I have felt so bloated lately. I am so ready for the first week of vlcd so those inches can go away! Haven't ate too much this morning yet. Just some coffee with lots of half and half and some breakfast taquito thingies from 7-11. I'm thinking pizza tonight and will probably do some avocados, bacon, feta cheese, salad with lots of oil and vinegar.

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  1. kbj's Avatar
    Looking forward to joining you in R2 in just over two weeks...Definitely know what you mean about feeling bloated and gaining back the inches. I need that P2 high! Good luck getting through the loading days...they sound so good in theory and are so unpleasant in reality.
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Good luck to both of you. There is definitely an P2 high, I think I've been on it for the past 10 days (my first round, loss of 12.2 lbs). But unlike everyone else I loved loading days, though in retrospection, not sure I did it totally correctly. And didn't fill up quite as much as should've wi as many high fat items I should've. If I need another phase 2, will do a little more. It does help. I think part of the discomfort is knowing you want to get on task and you're just adding to the poundage. Oh well, try and enjoy while you're doing it. Good luck! By the way, I took my last hcg drops right before going to bed last night and dropped 2.2 lbs this am. I was ecstatic.
    Wonder if makes a difference in burning fat over night? Don't know, will try again tonite.
  3. 2manydaystillfri's Avatar
    I'm with you on p4 I'm going on three weeks and feel slightly bloated and haven't really added much in at all. I love P3! The most controversial things I've had are sweet potato and some beans (not good for me!) and no pizza or bread (except flax seed). My weight has never gone up over 1.5 #'s but the inches in my tummy are changing for sure! 2 Weeks for loading for round 3 P2 & I can't wait. I miss that flat tummy no swelling feeling!
  4. Dubbles's Avatar
    Maybe your're getting ready for that TOM?