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And down 3.9 pounds..YAY! Too bad I still need to lose like 5 more to get back to my LIW from last round. Actually if I can just lose a total of 30 pounds between the two rounds then I will be happy. I don't plan on taking 5 months off again so I'm thinking I will get to my goal weight maybe by the end of the year..

So first day went fine. Wasn't hungry, was bad about drinking all my water..other than that though I was busy all day so it makes it easier because the day goes by so quick and I don't get home till almost 9pm and then I just go to bed. Saturday and Sunday will be the hardest days for me.

Just got offered a breakfast burrito..actually was pretty easy to say no thanks. Luckily no one here harrasses me when I say no to food.

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