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HOLY #@%%#! I think I am literally going to freeze to death..I just turned on the space heater..Eesh!

Anyways, down .8 today, total 8.3 pounds and at 200.2

I am dreaming about P3 foods..I keep looking at recipes I want to make. Of course I don't have time to cook so once I get to P3 I'll have to do cook on Sunday for the entire week..but I think I can manage that. This is sad..talking about P3 and I am only on day 5 of vlcd!

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  1. Therresa's Avatar
    I do the same thing, I dream all night that I am eating but in my dream I know I am on the hcg. I am so happy to wake up and and find I did not cheat it was just a dream. I am telling you it is so real I can taste they food. I don't why I dream this because I am not hungry at all during the day. Down 8.2 day 6 on vlcd
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Ditto, both of you. I find myself constantly planning what my first day will be like on Phase 3, and I don't understand why. I haven't hated the food at all, I'm not hungry, and I really try to take the time to make my food palatable, and interesting. The thing is you just don't have much variety to choose from But that's probably good for people like us. Give me several extra inches and I'll run a mile with it. Oh well, I'm on day 15 of vlc and have lost 15.8. It works, why change what isn't broken. Will stay on phase 2 foods. Good luck.