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My Blog and Questions!! :)

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Waiting for my HGC!!!
Well I thought it might be a good idea to do a little blog about my experiences with HCG so that I have something to look back at if I ever needed to do another round and maybe I will stay more accountable this way.
Thursday morning 2/11/16 I filled out the Medical questionnaire for NewEdge Health, the Nurse Practitioner called me and left a voicemail letting me know I was approved Friday 2/12/16 around 11:30 AM CST. The only complaint I have so far is the contact process with the nurse, I asked for an estimated time to expect the call and they could not give me a time and I see clients who have scheduled appointments all day so I still have not actually spoken with the nurse because I canít answer a phone call in the middle of a session, I wish they would have something set up where you can request they call you within a specific time or give you a time to expect their call. I wanted to ask if all of the meds I am currently taking will be safe to take with the HCG. I called back a few times and once explained that I have appointments all day and gave an open time and they didnít call in that time frame and I missed the calls.
Has anyone taken Phentermine with HCG? Is that even ok?? I put that I am currently prescribed Phentermine on the medical questionnaire but she didnít say anything about it in the voicemail she left and I wanted to ask for her medical opinion on whether or not that was safe.
I placed my order later that day 2/12/16 for the 50 day HCG injection service and 5 weeks of B12 shots, I am not going to mix the B12 with the HCG because I have read mixed opinions about mixing them so I would rather be safe than sorry and take them as 2 separate shots. I requested they send the B12 to me as a separate shot to give myself and they did not have a problem with this request.
I am currently trying to research and plan for when I get my supplies and get started.
I will be getting in 2 separate 5000 IU vials of HCG, should I split it up and do 2 shorter rounds or should I do 1 long round?? I want to maximize my results so opinions are welcomed!!
I want to lose about 40 pounds.

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  1. Nexuz9's Avatar
    Hi! We both have the same to lose
    Longer rounds work in the long run.
  2. kguthrie2's Avatar
    Hey! When are you starting your round?? Have you tried this diet before?? if so how long of a round(s) did you do??
  3. Leez's Avatar
    Unless you are on your last finish-up round to goal, its better to do the full 40 day rounds. It gives your body more time to adjust, and you are better prepared to stabilize afterwards.
  4. kguthrie2's Avatar
    So do you think if I do a long round and lose say 30 of the 40 lbs. is it OK to lose the rest with like diet and exercise or are you not suppose to lose when you're in the "maintenance" phase?
  5. Nexuz9's Avatar
    I do 60 day rounds. I lose like 30lbs