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  1. Homeopathic HCG Lounge - March 2011

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    Just a quick drive by post as I scamble out the door. I am down .8 today, so I made up for the +.4 gain yesterday and even better I fit into a pair of size 10 pants this morning! I am SO happy! I haven't fit into a 10 in many years. I will come back and read what I have missed on a break later this morning.

    Good morning!, we are almost following the same path. Today is my day 37 and I am down 22 pounds but I'm about 10 pounds heavier than you. Can't wait to be in the ...
  2. day 2 VLC

    Well, so far so good. I thought I'd be starving yesterday but it went really well! Looking at this site it looks like some people do the injections and some do the drops. The only drops I could find locally were the HCG Plantinum X-14. Has anyone tried this particular product?
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