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Feeling amazing

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So I "was" down 9 pounds in 5 days, until TOM (period) decided to make an appearance, and the scale went up yesterday 2 pounds, so i refuse to weigh again until she is gone. No need to stress myself over something I have no control over. Because if I see another gain I won't have very much motivation to stick to protocol lol. SOOOO, I went and hot an amazing hair cut today, and I feel great. And shoot, I look great too. And its that much more motivating to stick to protocol, because I'm feeling really good about myself right now. This is so far the best diet ever. I was so excited about my hair that when I got home I realized it was after 2 and I had not even eaten all day. Ooops. I have NEVER forgot to eat before this diet. So I will attach my before and after pics of my hair. Hope you like!

here is my before, I didn't style it since I was on my way out to the salon



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