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UGH!!!! Off to a BAD start

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So this is my first blog post. And this is my first week of R1, Im on VLCD4 and I cheated on all days but 1 my hunger is out of control. I know if your dose is incorrect then you will experience hungery. Here is how my dosages were for this week : Day 1- 200iu ( I know waaay too high), day 2 175iu- still extremely hungry, Day 3 150iu still hungry, but not as bad, and today I did 150iu. I'm using Corion and was told that it can be more potent, so I will try to go down to 140iu tomorrow and see how that works out. I didn't cheat too badly today and I also did 45 minutes of cardio aerobics. Here are my weights:

Preload weight 221
day 1 gorge 221
day 2 gorge 222
VLCD1 224- cheated
VLCD2 222
VLCD3 223- cheated
VLCD4 222- cheated again

Tomorrow I'm hoping the lower dosage will help with the hunger. I've lost 40 pounds by going to a weight loss center and doing phentermine, b12 w/ lipotropics 2xweek. I have always been able to drop weight really easily..... when I actually watch what I eat and diet. I lost the 40 pounds in less than 3 months, and have only gained back about 15 of that in the last 5 months mostly because I have just been eating whatever.

So I look forward to a new day tomorrow

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  1. Denmark979's Avatar
    You have to be mentally prepared for this journey. Its not an easy one in the beginning unless you finally made up your mind to lose the excess. You can do it, hunger is normally all in the mind. Drink more water and occupy yourself with duties/chores/talking to a friend/posting on this message board. Read all the success stories and believe that you'll be able to tell your own story. Get back on that horse and ride girl!!!
  2. Laurarosee's Avatar
    The first few days I was so hungry my children looked tasty. It was awful. In addition to a dose adjustment I believe the first few days just generally suck. BTW, if you need to cheat b
    make an effort to do it with protein. Eat more protein b/c especially the first week it won't hurt you with weight loss. Sugar and carbs are the bad guys so steer clear. Make your meat portions larger and if you have to add a poached or hard boiled egg in the am do that rather than eating carbs or more fruit. You'll feel much better as the week goes on and by next week, as long as you stay away from carbs and sugars, your hunger will be significantly decreased. Good Luck.
  3. newoldme's Avatar
    We all make mistakes, stay positive and start fresh tomorrow. There is absolutely nothing you can do about cheating now.....tomorrow is the start of the rest of your life.....make the most of it....
  4. kimmit326's Avatar
    Thanks for all the words of wisdom, I cheated with a protein shake and an extra fruit, but one day I was limited to vending machine foods and had a bag of peanut m&ms, I was so hungry I was shaking and having cold sweats and felt like I was about to pass out. But it is what it is and tomorrow I'm determined to stick it out. I normally work 62 hrs a week, but I think tomorrow I will leave work at 3:30 and come home and relax so that I don't have to focus on being hungry and trying to work.

    I read so much about the HCG while I was waiting for mine to come in and thought that I would be mentally prepared, but its so much harder than I imagined. Hopefully tomorrow my dose will be better (crossing my fingers and toes) my skip day is on Saturday so I will see how my hunger is on that day to see if I still need to go lower.