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Long story, short version....

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In 2011 I weighed over 300 pounds, I didn't weigh myself because I had given up. I lost 80+ pounds in 1 1/2 years and now weigh 234. I didn't use HCG the first time just healthier eating.

I started HCG because I really want to get down to 140 and don't want to spend a year to get to my goal weight. Part of my motivation to start now is that I am recently single again after three years and I realized that I have spent half my life waiting....waiting to loose weight before I do things (dating, joining a group, interviewing for a new job, etc.) So I have three goals: 1st was to redcorate my house into something colorful/cheerful (95% complete), 2nd Stop smoking (I have cut in 1/2 and only smoking e-cigs now) and the last goal is to quit stalling and finally get to my goal weight of 140. While I'm not losing weight to attract me it would be a great bonus

I am not off to the best of starts though. I bought DesBio HA2CG and read in the forums that it doesn't contain HCG just amino acids. Today I ordered real HCG using suggestions that I read and it will be here after Thanksgiving. I know the week before Thanksgiving is a bad time to start but honestly motivation just hit me and from past experience I know when I feel it I need to jump on. So I'm going to continue using the incorrect drops and following the plan until the new drops arrive. It will be easier this time since I don't have someone else around that brings home goodies to tempt me.


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