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Yippe! :) and one sad note :(

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Rx finally shipped from ADC, I can't wait to get it!!!

I start a new job on Sunday! The hours are AWFUL,especially for training; but the sooner I save up, the sooner I get to move back to Dallas, be with my love, my best buds and go back to school! ..Oh, and get an even better job!

I gained and stalled for a couple days but finally dropped today. I've lost 8 lbs in a week on the Hormone Free junk ranging from -2.6 lbs to + 0.6 lbs because of visiting family forcing restaurants for a few days. Three days I lost over 2 lbs, stalled one day, gained one day, and the rest were small losses.
***Hopefully I can lose just as well, if not better with the Rx***

My kitty went missing. I hope to see her by the end of the evening. I moved to a not-so-nice neighborhood to start saving up a little and I'm really worried about her...she's been an indoor car since I moved.

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