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I am trying HCG again the last time I had great success and lost 50 lbs. This time I started [email protected] 214 and I am down to 195 so I have lost 19 lbs in 4 weeks. However I am on week 6 and I have been the same weight for 10 days. Last time I did the Loading, 500 calories and then maintenance. This time I take the HCG shot once a week with B12 and fat burner and the place I am going does 1200 a day and phentermine. I know I don't drink enough water I can't stand water I drink coffee and then unsweet tea and about 32 ozs of water is all I can stand. But I have lost several inches but the scale is not budging now. What can I do I need advice I am getting so discouraged.


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  1. happy2bhealthy's Avatar
    Wow! Congratulations, 50lbs is awesome in one round!
    A 10lb stall must be frustrating. My longest was 7 days and I thought that was bad.
    For me, I backed off of the canned stewed tomatoes that I was cooking with, I had no idea how high the sodium was. I also took an epsom bath and increased my water (I drink seltzer with lime). The next day I had lost 1lb and I began to slowly lose again after that - my stalls are often near the end of my round.
    Your results are terrific!
  2. lopez's Avatar
    I'm on round 1 p2 3rd day. I'd lost 5 pounds already and I was so happy with my beginning results..... Then yesterday, I slipped and cooked with olive oil ( I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT!). THIS morning I weighed myself and i was still at A 5 pound weight loss. I just weighed myself again before i jumped into the shower, and the scale is saying I gained 5 pounds! What did I do?! Did I accidentally ruin this for me already? What should I do now? I followed my diet to a T today....except maybe I haven't drank enough water, but other than that, i have not cheated once. Help!