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New and excited about HCG!

Day 16 - Experimenting With Alcohol

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So before I experimented with alcohol this weekend, I searched the board for other posts about alcohol in P2. As a result I did the following, on Friday night I had vodka, straight up with lime and on Saturday night, I had some wine.

What were the results? I had a three day stall. I maintained 177.6 from Friday to Sunday.

My conclusion: It's not worth it. I was progressing every day and I feel like I set myself back. I'm actually not mad about it because I wanted to experiment. I also realize that I get extremely hungry after drinking which is also counter-productive.

I am 35 and very social. A lot of times, my socializing also consists of a glass of wine. I know I'm not going to give up drinking but I know that it is going to be drastically reduced. I'm also happy that I'm starting this journey during the winter when I am not as social.

I end Phase 2 on March 6th and I really don't see me touching alcohol again but if I do, I know what to expect.... nothing. Nada. No weight loss for me.

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  1. tomwilla's Avatar
    we are trying to be at same weight (140) and we are the same height 5'3! so I will be watching you. Today is day 15 for me.. I have lost 10lbs. I also messed up by taking pills with oil in them which hurt my weight loss. But on the correct track now. Today I weighed 171, I have not decided when I will stop P2 and start P3, I am just going to see how I progress. I have been trying to read as much as I can about P3, so when time comes I will be ready.
  2. Guzman85's Avatar
    Wow, Thanks for sharing, I was considering doing the same thing as well. I just began my program about a week ago. So Ive been on the experimenting phase.