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New and excited about HCG!

Day 23 - 2 lb gain and I am in tears!!!

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So according to my calculations, if I were losing one pound a day, I should weigh 167 but I don't. This is my first Round of HCG and I'm going through a little trial and error. On Days 14 and 15 I TRIED to have some alcohol and I stalled for three days. Last week, TOM was hear and I could not fight the overwhelming urgh to TRY some cake that we had in the office on Day 18 and 20. I literally had co-workers in my ear saying, come on, a little piece won't help. I was so angry with myself. I usually have great will power and I realized that my resistance was probably weak due to TOM. So gained 1.4 lbs. after the cake incident. But I woke up yesterday weighing 172.2. I was ok with that I 4.2 lbs. behind schedule. I figured I could make that up. Yesterday, I was so good. I had 1 tbsp of creamer in my coffee, 1 egg and 3 egg whites w/ spinich for breakfast and 100g of chicken over lettuce for lunch with lemon juice for dressing. I just KNEW I was going to have a good number. So this morning I step on the scale and it read 174.0. I was horrified. I jumped on two more time and it wouldn't budge. Then I started to think back over yesterday. What could I have possibly did wrong. Well I figured it out.

Yesterday I cook my chicken in the crockpot with a seasoning mix that was soooo delicious. I was so delicious that I drizzled it over my strawberries and my salad. I spooned it out of the crockpot. Alas, I dug in the trash for the seasoning mixture packet and looked at the back. 20 calories. 0g fat, 4 g carbs, 1g sugar, 1g protein AND 660mg sodium!!!!! Here is the culprit. Now I have 3 more pieces of chicken that has laid up in 660 mg of sodium. I'm going to rinse them off, drink a lot of water and exercise.

I am a litte heartbroken. The 170s is the bain of my existence. In March 2011, I was 162 lbs. By Nov. 2011, I shot up to 177 and I have not been able to get out of the 170s since then. As I wrote in my earlier blogs. HCG is the only plan that has been effective. I felt like I was so close to my 2nd goal (the first goal was to get out of the 180s) and I was set back.

I'm going to take a deep breath, go play on my Wii Fit, drink A LOT of water, and keep trucking. In the grand scheme of things, there is no other diet or plan that would have allowed me to lose 14 pounds in 23 days. I guess I just want what I want, when I want it.

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  1. prdreams@aol.com's Avatar
    With all that sodium then it is bound to be water weight!!! You will awake tomorrow with a great loss!!! Don't despair. Have you been taking your measurements? I never had (this is my third round) before but I just started in the last two weeks and I found out as of today that I have lost 7 inches!!!!! So even when your scale may not be moving, your inches are probably melting off!
  2. Kswigga's Avatar
    I haven't taken my measurements because I feel like they are inaccurate when you take them yourself. I did measure at the beginning but I see a noticeable difference so that's helpful. Thank you for responding prdreams!
  3. pookster's Avatar
    Don't sweat it girl.. it's just water weight...it will be gone tomorrow.. continue to eat clean and it has no choice but to come off I don't like to use salt at all because I retain water like a sponge...I have not even used any seasonings because I am paranoid!! Infact I was just worrying thinking that somehow maybe vinegar makes me retain water.. lol.... man we are such good detectives looking for a culprit! You will be ok tomorrow!
  4. Musicgirllucy's Avatar
    Girl, the 170s is what I am aiming for at the end of this 40 day round (and only on day 9). Just have a really strict day and you'll be back on track. Those seasonings will kill you -- I used just a splash of chicken broth and now I'm worried because it has a gram of fat in it!
  5. cynm's Avatar
    One pound a day is a totally unrealistic goal. Plans that say you will lose that are doing everyone a big disfavor. The average woman will lose about 0.5 lbs per day. Be prepared for stalls (over 4 days in a row without any weight loss) they happen to everyone. Read pounds and inches it will be a big help to you. Good Luck!
  6. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    Nice to meet you Kswigga- I agree with the above post. Mostly I would try to do the diet as "clean" as possible. No marinating, no seasoning, no nothing to achieve the maximum weight loss. The average weight loss on this program for women is 25 lbs. I know it sucks!
  7. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    oh plus, I've heard that if you exercise too much it actually can cause a gain rather than a loss
  8. Kswigga's Avatar
    These responses were on time. I did lose I after the sodium soaked chicken and now I'm at a 3 day stall at 170.8. Back to P & I. I read that I shouldn't do an apple day but just stick to protocol.