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New and excited about HCG!

Should I Quit?

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When I started my HCG journey I weighted 188, loaded to 190 and I ended at 161. I was on P3 for three weeks and stabilized well. I had to do two apples days but overall; I was happy. I decided to go back on HCG for Round 2. I loaded on March 30th & 31st and went up to 168.8! By April 5th, I dropped the load weight! I was back to 161. However, the next few days were quiet stressful. I started dating a guy who is a pecatarian; he only eats fish, seafood, and carbs. He also likes to drink. So here I am trying to stick with this diet and he wants to go out to eat and drink wine. I am also mentally exhausted with HCG. AND then, I started PMSing 4/9, TOM started on 4/12, and hopefully it will go off today. The lowest I went on Round 2 has been 159, which is only a two pound loss. My goal weight is 138 which means I only have 23.4 lbs. to lose. HCG is the ONLY diet that has worked for me. I am trying to decide whether I should try to lose the extra weight via P4 and exercise or should I continue on this round, without TOM and trying to say NO to the wine with boyfriend.

What do you guys think?

Just thinking about this has been stressing me out.

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  1. yep yep I can's Avatar
    My opinion would be no. Even though your losses are low this round it could just be the stress you are talking about. However if your head just isn't into it and like you said you need a break then maybe even if you stick with it your losses wont get you to your goal of 138. My opinion would be if your mind is not in it you will not stick with it and lose what you need, so then take your break and come back to it. If you think you can get your mind back into it then stick it out! Good luck on either decision.
  2. Kswigga's Avatar
    I don't want to quit. I think TOM is really messing with me. If I count the pre-TOM spotting, I've been on for a full 7 days. I'm hungry, had cravings and cheated. I need to get back on the horse. Now the question is, do I do an apple day or load and start over again?
  3. Rabo's Avatar
    I wouldn't do an apple day or load and restart. I'd just continue as you are and try to get refocused. I know it can be hard. Congrats on the new boyfriend. I hope he's kind and treats you well. :-)

    Congrats on your amazing success thus far! You should be really proud of yourself.
  4. Kswigga's Avatar
    Thanks Rabo! He's great. I was actually really happy last night because he said that he is going to start eating more like me. That came out of the blue and it is a relief. He eats a LOT of carbs like banana bread, pancakes, and rice and beans and it's torture because I don't even have that stuff in my house. So he wants to decrease his bad carbs and increase his veggies. I really think TOM screwed with me big time. I am doing an apple day today and I'm back on the horse. I honesty could not do this without this forum.