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Like starting over... but in a good way!

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So, If you read my blogs you know that I had to change drops. It was a really rough week because of the change. I was gaining weight, felt a need to eat everything in sight (I haven't felt that way the entire time), and generally feeling lost. By Friday, I was back to feeling like I wasn't starving. By Saturday my weight had leveled back out to within one pound of my lowest so far. Yesterday I lost another pound. Today, I'm down 1.8 lbs!! It's the craziest thing ever!

So, this brings me to an important question. Has anyone else had to change drops in the middle of a round and had similar experiences? It was as if I should have been loading for the first two days (I might as well have given that I ate almost non stop). Then I started having losses like in the beginning. I'm down almost three lbs in two days in WEEK 7!

So, I'm going to stay on VLCD for at least a week or two. My goal is to get to 165 lbs. That will be the halfway mark. I know I can go indefinitely because I'm on homeopathic drops but I want to make sure I"m going to stabilize okay. Admittedly, I'm less concerned after last week's little adventure.

As of this morning, my total losses for this first round are 22.3 lbs! I'm so thrilled with that! My mother told me, at my 40th birthday party, not to get too hopeful about ever losing all the weight I'd gained in the past two years. (very encouraging, I know). According to her, It's just in the genes! LOL I can't wait until she sees me again!

Life is awesome!

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