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1 year later

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Hi I decided a year ago when I tried hcg that I would come back a year later to check in. While I was researching hcg and on it (1 round) I had a hard time finding 1 year updates. Well here it is folks. I started at 163, did a round and ended at 148.8. I maintained that for quite awhile. Over the summer I went as high as 151 but went back down with exercising. So here it is.. One year after hcg I am 145. Nearly 4 lbs less. Hcg worked for me to get the weight off. The first 4 months after we're very difficult to maintain. Now that I eat way more (2100 cal) and exercise 1 hr 6 days a week I'm losing again. You can try the hcg, like I said ultimately it did work but its very very hard to maintain losses for several months after.

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  1. ldygeko's Avatar
    Thank you for coming back with an update! I wish more people did this! Congratulations on keeping it off - may this year go as well for you as last year did....
  2. marvless's Avatar
    That's really cool you made it a point to check in a year later! You should also post on the Success Story section. I'm sure people would be inspired by your success.
  3. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks guys! I'll do that. God luck with your journey's!