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last day of vlcd

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Ok, so today is my last day of vlcd, I'm so ready to move on. I'm going to do it very slowly. I think the first day, I'm adding only eggs. I need some different protein! Other than breakfast, everything I have will be the same, just more protein. I'm going to aim for around 80-100gm of protein a day. I'm not sure if that is exactly what I'm supposed to do, but I am going to be keeping track of that instead of calories (I'm a calorie counter). I'm also cutting down to 1 fruit a day. I will add in some more veggies. I'm going to keep my water around 80oz.
I lost a pound today after a 3 day stall. My weight today was 147.8 and my LDW was 148.8, so now I have a little bit of a cushion for the max of 150.8 before a correction day. I'm hoping for a little bit of a drop tomorrow, for a little more of a cushion.
Man am I nervous! I'm trying to stay calm, but it's hard. My parents have been gone on vacation during my whole diet and they get back tonight. They don't know I've been on hcg (my mom is a critical person) and I'm not telling them. I'm hoping she doesn't prepare a high carb farm meal like usual for lunch tomorrow, or I'll be picking around it. I'm hoping with the big breakfast I have tomorrow that I won't be hungry!! YIKES!!

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  1. chunkynomore's Avatar
    How have the days been without drops? Tomorrow I take my last injection, so ill be in your shoes soon. Yaaay! And congrats!
  2. Faithful's Avatar
    I am glad to see the scale finally moved... I am sure it was a relief for you. Sounds like you have a good plan for transitioning into P3. Hope it goes well for you and keep us posted.
  3. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm so excited for you too I feel fine, no hunger. I was really wondering how I'd be, but so far so good. Only 8 more hours or so til bed and I can dream about my breakfast in the morning. I dreamt last night that I had fried chicken & mashed potatoes and gravy. I know the potatoes are a no no, but really want me some fried chicken THIGHS!!
    I'm SO glad the scale moved too, it's about time!! I hope I can stick to my plan. My mom just texted me she is making ham and mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch. I'll be having ham! I am *debating* on having a small scoop of potatoes and picking at them so she doesn't too many questions. My whole family will be there loading up on bread, potatoes, and ham and I really don't want a bunch of questions IDK what to do. Sundays after church are the only days I cannot avoid eating lunch over there. I'm totally at her mercy!! Ahhhhh!
  4. chunkynomore's Avatar
    lol fried chicken is my major weakness as well-but I like it with spanish rice and ranch dressing. I could eat a ton of rice and 2lbs of chicken. I heard that your taste for things change after doing vlcd. Will you let me know if that happens to you? I'd also like to know if the size of your appetite changes compared to before you started hcg
  5. ktsueh's Avatar
    YES, I'm wondering the same thing!! I know when I added 1.5oz of chicken a few days ago, I couldn't finish it. I'm sure your hunger has to change and you have to get full fast cuz we have been eating next to nothing!! I seriously doubt my desire and taste for things will change tho. I don't see myself going back to pop, cuz I think it'll burn my throat too much, but other than that, I'm just going to be smart about my choices with good portion control