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doing some debating... NEED INPUT

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I'm so close to the end. Tuesday will be my last day of drops. Phase 3 will start next Friday... that being said... really debating on stopping now. I have been the same weight 3 days in a row. I'm thinking my body wants to stabilize here. I'm on day 24 (with drops). I have enough to get to 28 days with drops. Could it be that my body is done? Or am I just at a stall? TOM has been gone since Tuesday morning, so can't blame him for this 3 day same weight thing. I've been following P&I to a T. 2 fruits (sometimes 1, didn't help with losses), alternating 3.5oz chicken and beef everyday, and 2 servings vegs a day. I have tried cutting out the grissini, but hasn't changed my losses. I upped my chicken serving to 5 oz recently because I've been feeling lightheaded and nauseous. I think my body is protesting to this diet. I'll be driving along, exerting no energy and out of nowhere I get a buzzing feeling and numbness in my head. Then I'll start to see black around my eyes. I haven't fainted yet, but have felt close twice. IDK what to do. Stick it out 4 more days or call this mornings drops good and start the 48 hrs with no drops. What you all think??

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  1. Tate's Avatar
    Well, I have been in that position before, and one time I stuck it out, and the next round I called it over! I think I should have stopped a little earlier the first round, because I hardly lost anything the last few days. You may be at point where your body is just done this round. I had a scary episode where my blood sugar crashed and I almost passed out while driving during P2 Round 2, and I knew without a doubt it was time to move onto P3. Our bodies will tell us when we need to do something different. Perhaps your body is sending you a message!

    Good luck.
  2. ktsueh's Avatar
    That's what I'm wondering, a message. I hate to stop too soon and not be able to stabilize well. So you've done 2 rounds, 1st one you stuck it out and hardly lost a thing, and 2nd you ended with the almost pass-out while driving? Hmmm I really thought I was going to pass out yesterday. I had my kids in the car too! Yikes. I really think I should stop, but what if I could of woke up with a 2lb loss tomorrow? Is it worth it? I just don't know... I'm 148.8 now, 15 lbs down. Would really hate to gain in ph3 and go above that 150 mark again. Is that selfish? I don't want to be selfish and risk something happening to me or my kids just to stick it out 4 more days
  3. Faithful's Avatar
    Ultimately, it is just a number on a scale. Your health and family safety should come first. If you feel your body is telling you to stop... then stop. You have done very well. Have you ever lost 15 pounds in 24 days on any other diet? Your body has been through some big changes in the last few weeks, maybe it needs a rest. Be satisfied with your success!
  4. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks girls. I have decided to stop. My 48hrs will end Sunday morning, and ph 3 will begin! I'm happy with this decision. Even this morning, I got up a few times and started to see stars and blackening. I'm done. This just is no longer safe. I must need more calories. Hope I can handle the next 2 days with no hcg and vlcd!! Thanks again, I really appreciate it. It is JUST a number. I feel good right now with how I look, I'm looking forward to some reshaping or inches to lose in next 2 phases, but for now I'm good!