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Finally down!!!!

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YAY!! I was down to 148.4 this am! .4 under ldw. The combination of steak day on Tuesday and high protein yesterday must of worked. Man, I needed that so I can continue on with ph3. I think I'm going to try pistachios today. I want to take this slow and I'm not going to try eggs again until I clear at least 1 new food (nuts) then I'll try eggs, then cheese. Does anyone know how many nuts I should try? A handful once today? Should I try a few every few hours? How much is a small amount to start with?

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  1. ktsueh's Avatar
    oh and faithful, i tried the smooth move, it kinda worked, but not as much as i thought wonder why?
  2. Faithful's Avatar
    I'm glad you gave the tea a try. You are so brave It wasn't too bad, was it?
    It is usually very effective for me. How long did you let the tea bag seep in the hot water? I usually leave it in for 5-10 minutes.
    Maybe you didn't have as big of a "problem" as you thought and the "pipes" weren't that backed up. Do you feel better ("cleaned out")?

    I am happy you are back in a safe P3 weight range... whew! What a relief. I think a serving of nut (1 oz.) at a time would be a good start. I know I love nuts and can get carried away. I need to measure them and put them in a bowl, otherwise I continue to eat handful after handful.
  3. HealthierMel's Avatar
    lol . . . I am laughing at Faithful tiptoeing around the BM talk . . . I swear I am becoming an old person because I am please every time I have movement . . . Smart idea serving out the nuts and not just shaking them out and eating by the handfuls . . . I can easily eat a bagful of mac nuts just watching tv or chatting.

    P3 can get crazy with stabilizing . . . the ups and downs will drive you nuts if you let it . . . so take it easy on yourself and do corrections when you need to and try to relax . . . (I am sharing the the talk I have to give myself all the time on P3. . .)
  4. Faithful's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by HealthierMel
    lol . . . I am laughing at Faithful tiptoeing around the BM talk . . . )
    Hey, no laughing at me! I was just trying to be polite. My momma taught me it is not proper to talk about such things in public.

    (Just kidding, glad I could give you a chuckle!)
  5. ktsueh's Avatar
    TIP TOE TIP TOE: Hee hee. The tea- it was pretty bad- but I HATE tea. I plugged my nose with every sip lol. I don't really feel cleaned out, I didn't really feel that "backed up" but I ate 18oz of steak and protein all day yesterday (probably 40oz worth) so I'm surprised there wasn't more in me than that! TMI I KNOW lol. I steeped it for 15min, just like the instructions said.
    Nuts- I had less than 1/2 cup in the shell. It's what Grammy suggested. SO yum tho, for real! I hope it agrees with me!!

    OMG I'm so pleased with myself when I go #2!! So funny, what has my life come to??? I'm going to try to stay calm now in ph3. I am introducing one thing at a time just to avoid anymore freak out sessions. If the weight goes up, the food I tried goes out for a while! I feel so much more at peace now knowing most of the time (aside from salt causing water retention) that any gains SHOULD be from whatever new food I had...well that's the way it should work anyway!!
    I tried doing this from the start (one thing at a time) but that damn ham at my moms screwed me up! I think this Sunday I'm going to get "sick" and not be able to go over there for lunch after church. I just can't afford another oopsie
  6. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Going p3 grocery shopping tomorrow and am getting steak for if and when I need a steak day, what kind should I get?
  7. ktsueh's Avatar
    I got ribeyes. I bought another one today just in case!! I got about a 14oz one
  8. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Thank you!