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now what :(

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I only lost .8 on my steak day. I drank a ton of water. I ate a steak and apple at supper. I did it exactly right. I'm so pissed. Now I don't know how to eat today. WTH should I do

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  1. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Eat clean and light today and look at the scale in the morning. Sometimes there is more movement days after but after a steak day . . eating clean is optimal. Good luck, I tend to be famished the day after and have to work on holding it together.
  2. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks for your response. By clean, no oils or butters in my meats? Basically ph 2 foods only more of it? Veggies? Or should I do just protein? Fruit? Is pork safe? I read some ppl have sensitivity to it. Dark meat chicken?
  3. Faithful's Avatar
    Oh, so sorry to here of your disappointment. But at least you are in the buffer zone again! Glad to hear you are drinking lots of water. Make sure to eat fiberous fruits and veggies so you can stay "regular". Stay strong!
  4. ktsueh's Avatar
    I am safe right now, but don't feel like it! I'm so not regular either, ugh! That's another source of pain. I don't like tea so I've yet to try the smooth move. I've done mirilax, it helps. Waiting for my enzymes, and pro-biotics to come in the mail still...
  5. Faithful's Avatar
    Most grocery stores (or WalMart) carry smooth move tea... go get some! Tonight before bed make one cup. When it cools off a bit, plug your nose and gulp it down. You will thank me in the morning!
  6. ktsueh's Avatar
    What section? Is it with the teas, or in pharmacy? How does it taste?? lol
  7. Faithful's Avatar
    It is in the tea/coffee section of the store, right by the other tea.
    As far as taste...hmmm... I guess it tastes "herby". You will survive! It is worth it in the end...
    I don't recommend using this tea as an everyday thing, but when things get backed up and your desperate - it works!
  8. ktsueh's Avatar
    Ok, great! I'll try it