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Oh my goodness

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So, today is my first day of ph3. I have overdone it!! I feel awful. I haven't went #2 in DAYS so that is not helping matters. (TMI)
Here is what I ate:
Breakfast- 2 scrambled eggs w/peppers & onions, AND 2 fried eggs
Lunch- 2-3 serving of ham
Lots of water

It's the middle of the afternoon, I am nowhere near hungry for another thing. I may have a small chicken breast or a salad tonight but that is it. I ate lunch at my moms and none of them know I'm doing this diet but I somehow got away with eating just ham. I thought I did well until I realized ham is super salty and most of the time have sugar in it!! Do you think it's going to effect me? Should I just drink a ton of water all day today? I have enough protein in for the day now, but afraid I screwed up big time. I could of done so much worse, every time I turned around, my mom and sister were (literally) shoving breads in my mouth, cinnamon bread, and all kind of high sugar snacks. I would wander off and feed them to my 10 year old! LOL. I also resisted mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn. I could of done so much worse, I did what I could with the ham... just wish I'd realized ham isn't good in ph 3 I weighed myself a bit ago and I'm 3 lbs heavier than I was this am. I always weigh in the afternoon and the scale is never more than 1lb over the am weight... I"M FREAKING OUT

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  1. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Dont freak out-if you're off for more than 2lbs you can always look forward to a steak day Push more water and that will help you have a bm.
  2. Faithful's Avatar
    Take a deep breath. It will just take some time to adjust to P3. I'm sure it will all work out.
    By the way, EXCELLENT job on avoiding the breads and treats! Try to focus on your accomplishments.

    About the lack of action in the bathroom... try some tea with senna, like Tradtional Medicinals Smooth Move. Drink a cup before bed and it will help you in the morning.
    Updated January 29th, 2012 at 03:21 PM by Faithful
  3. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks ladies. I guess the worst that can happen is doing a steak day. I am nearly 4lbs up from this am, so I'm concerned, but I'll have to worry about it tomorrow morning. So at this point I'm not sure if the gain is from the eggs (sensitive to them) or all the ham, cuz I had a LOT. I've been drinking a ton of water, but still no bm. I don't think I've went for week or so

    I am proud of myself, tho, not eating the stuff I could of today. I didn't cheat, just ate too much ham. lol. I even made brownies tonight and didn't eat one, so that's something I guess