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p2 day15

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I was down .8 today! I wasn't expecting a loss since my period came yesterday (a day or 2 early) hopefully it doesn't stay late!? I am so excited, I measured and am down 21.5 inches in just 2 weeks! SO cool. I measure in so many places, so that's probably the reason for the big number, but still, those inches are gone! I measure: neck, biceps, chest, natural waist, waist, spare tire area (about 2 in below bb), hips, butt, thighs, and calves.

I have about 2 weeks left of hcg drops, I'm guessing. I've had to up my drops to 15 3x a day so not for sure how much I have left. I'm guessing my last day will be around the end of Jan/ beginning of Feb. Although I'm loving the lbs and inches dropping, I'm ready for maintenance just cuz I've been so anxious and nervous about it I just wanna get it over with!

I'm still about half a pound from being in the normal range for bmi. SO weird cuz I don't feel that big to not be "healthy" yet. Oh well. LOL I'll just keep going as long as my body is cooperating. I'm not looking for a loss for the next few days because of TOM. I'm feeling crampy and bloated today so we will see...

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  1. NOEMICATT's Avatar
    Good for you =)
    so give me tips on how you deal with cooking for your family and not being tempted on joining them for dinner. My biggest challege is not being able to taste the food when I cook for my family lol
  2. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks UGH cooking for the family... sucks! I make pizza once a week and about die watching them eat it lol. Sometimes it's necessary for me to taste what I'm cooking, like chili, make sure the seasoning is right. But all i do it barely lick the spoon. It's very hard, but it IS getting easier every day! I really have started to enjoy the food I "get" to have, so I look forward to eating it, it's just hard when their food smells so good! I also try to make foods for them similar to what I'm having (chili, hamburgers, meatloaf, chicken strips) that way I don't feel quite so much like the odd man out. Good luck to you, what day are you on?