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ph 3 day 2

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So I'm up 1.8 above ldw. So not quite a steak day yet. I asked the same question twice this am on the forum and have yet to get an answer. So I'll try it here. I had eggs yesterday as my new food and I had ham at lunch ( not thinking about the sodium and not knowing about the sugar). So now I'm not sure if the gain is from: a. just normal gain cuz ph3 just started b. sensitive to eggs? c. salty/sugary ham and lots of it yesterday... So now I'm left to wonder... Do I try eggs again today (supposed to do new food 2-3 times before you know if you are sensitive) OR do I just do a protein day? OR do I just eat normal, no eggs and see what happens tomorrow. I really want eggs, but don't want it to be the problem...

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  1. Faithful's Avatar
    My first inclination is to blame the ham (sodium bloat). Also consider the fact that you ate more (quantity) food yesterday than you have in quite a while and if it is all still sitting in your digestive tract it could cause the scale to go up (or if you have not been able to relieve your bowels). I would just keep drinking water and see what happens tomorrow. Personally, I would try the eggs again and not rule them out until I had more conclusive data.
  2. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Some people are sensitive to eggs but I think the culprit is more likely the ham . . . cured with sugar . . . P3 . . no sugar and exxo on the salt because that causes water retention. Lose the ham and see what happens. 1.8 above LDW is ok . . . Steak day when you go over the 2 lb window by even an ounce.

    Good luck
  3. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks I went ahead and had 1.5 eggs (deviled type) today as part of my protein. I guess only time will tell! I think you are both right in thinking it was mostly the ham. Now if only I could have a good bm! This mirilax is helping.... but could be better! I just ordered some digestive enzymes and pro-biotics online, hopefully they will be here sooner rather than later!!
  4. Newjulie's Avatar
    Since you had eggs again today and no ham, you should be able to tell what you are reacting to tomorrow. Remember besides the salt, nitrates and nitrites were also likely ingredients. They can also cause issues. Most cold cuts and sausages and bacon contain these as well and Not easily tolerated. If you don't see an improvement tomorrow, nix the eggs for a while and retest later. Good luck!
  5. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks I think I'm going to have to do away with eggs (for now) tomorrow unless the scale changes significantly overnight. I do weigh at night just to see the difference between night and morning. Judging by what I am tonight, unless it drops more than it ever has overnight, means a steak day tomorrow... boo. Love steak but don't want to starve all day!
  6. Newjulie's Avatar
    You're not alone...I have bunches of food sensitivities...one of them...egg whites! They are in everything! Good luck!