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It's a sad day- steak day on d3 of p3

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DANGIT. I'm up .4, just enough to put me over my ldw by 2 oz. Is it the eggs? I had 1.5 yesterday. Or is it a steak I had at lunch that our (recently passed away) grandpa gave us. He bought us some meat that a man here seals and sells. Well while I was eating it I was thinking it tasted different. So now I wonder if it had some seasoning on it or was marinated in something... IDK!! Dangit. I'm so upset. I'm gonna have to starve all day before I can eat tonight. I bought 2 steaks at Hy Vee yesterday but the biggest ribeyes I could find were just 11.5oz about (.75 of a lb) Hope that is big enough?? I guess I'll enjoy my dinner tonight cuz I'll be so dang hungry I'm sad!!

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  1. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Chin up kid . . You can drink stuff . . . so . . drink . . drink . . drink . . It will be dinnertime soon.

    Laugh at yourself a bit today while you are watching the clock waiting for dinnertime to hurry up and come . . . It is just one more day on the road to where you need to go . . .
  2. ktsueh's Avatar
    Thanks I'm definitely going to be watching that clock lol! In the meantime...mmmm water (yuck) LOL
  3. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Teas work . . . iced tea rocks!
  4. ktsueh's Avatar
    may have to try it. I tried hot tea (bleck) and don't like coffee... can i have lemon and stevia in my water on steak days?
  5. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Lemonade works . . . You can do this . .
  6. DimePieceComing's Avatar
    Is it THAT easy to start gaining weight back?
  7. ktsueh's Avatar
    yay! thanks mel!
    dimepierce- i think it just depends on the person!!
  8. Faithful's Avatar
    I am sure the initial transition from P2 to P3 is the hardest part. It is bound to get easier as your body adjusts.
    Stick with it... I KNOW you can do it!