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workout #1 since being on hcg & past weeks weights in ph3

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HOLY MOLY am I weak! I had a pinched nerve for about 3 weeks prior to getting on hcg. Then I didn't workout during ph 2, so today is day 6 of ph3 and I did my first workout in months. My muscles are so weak. I can tell a huge difference in how I feel now compared to in the past when it had been awhile since I workout out. You would think that being 15lbs lighter would of worked in my favor, but ohhh no. I think all those weeks of basically starving I lost a lot of strength. I did a wii workout called My Fitness Coach. It was fun! I got it with some Christmas money. We will see if it effects me good or bad. I'm hoping the 30 minutes i did won't cause any inflammation. I don't need any gains right now. I want to stabilize right where I am!! So here is my breakdown of the last 6 days of ph 3 (weight):
LDW- 148.8
1- 148.6
2- 150.6
3- 151 Steak Day
4- 150.2 High Protein Day
5- 148.4
6- 148.4

I re-introduced eggs today after having that gain on days 2&3. I only had one. Yesterday I had pistachios and it didn't effect my weight- YAY!! Love em

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  1. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Crap bad news for me lol. Joining a gym on monday. So tell me-how silly do you feel doing the wii? Lol my friend does the dancing and says she feels ridiculous. Congrats on what appears to be you finally stabilizing!
  2. ktsueh's Avatar
    I don't feel too silly! Of course, we have had it for a few years and I'm used to seeing my kids play it all the time. This workout tho, is great. You don't hold the remote for it, so you don't have to worry about it not getting your movements right. It's basically a made for you exercise video. I'm so excited about it. I committed (on the program) to 45 min mon, wed, fri. But I'm so excited about it, I'm gonna workout again tomorrow (if I'm not too sore).

    I hope I'm stabilizing!! I'm just going to try to stay positive if something causes a gain and just try to get back on track