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Losses and Stalls and Bears.......!!

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Alright so this is my HCG journey which to me seems so dramatic that I had to title this blog just so..... I am 15 days into P2 and I have to say I am on a roller coaster of losses and gains, then stalls and hungry bear cheats..... I started at 243 and am now 235.. I keep telling myself..... Oh I still have time to loose!! And when I do cheat sometimes I just stall and don't gain..... I know if I really want to get results I need to stay on protocol but that means staying away from people, places and things that are tempting.... So after this weekends family affair, I'm going anti-social!!! My goal is realistic - I only want to loose 20 pounds in this round. Guy's you gotta root for me!!! I seriously need the positive attention to get to my goal without sabotaging myself with all these dramatic justifications... This is a simple diet!! Right? So now I'm going to go the distance on this Round. Has anyone ever gone more than 43 days on injections?

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Updated April 12th, 2013 at 05:41 AM by kwanzaa4u1967



  1. Rabo's Avatar
    You can extend a round by skipping an injection once per week. Have you read Pounds & Inches? It discusses that in there.

    I have to be very antisocial because I am weak and I will cave to alcohol and when I drink a little, my diet resolve dissolves. Cheating is not worth it. You can do this. Clear your social calendar as much as possible. Try to plan your weekends around projects you may need to do, such as organizing closets or whatever. Decline those social invitations by having other things to do. You CAN do this!
  2. TrueToMe's Avatar
    I Was Reading And You Sounded Just Like Me. I Had To Move Into A Cave To Do This Diet. I Mean, I Cut People Off So I Can Focus. This Diet Is Like A Job. You Have To Make It A Routine. Once You Dont Have A Plan, It Falls Apart. And Wanting To Cheat Is Soooooooooooo Tempting, But You Want To Lose Weight Sooooooooooo Bad. Its A War In Yourself. Im Cheering You On As A Friend In This Journey. WE!! Can Do It.
  3. kwanzaa4u1967's Avatar
    Thank you both for your inspiration!! Today I am back on strict protocol... I am going to take it day by day with each one planning to stay on protocol. I just gotta stay focused on the prize: my 4 sizes too small mini wardrobe I just ordered which has arrived!!! I really don't want to be disappointed..... I really want to loose this weight!!!
  4. Dubbles's Avatar
    You said it! my very first round in 2010, I didn't go hardly anywhere, was working from home, and it was so much easier . I just didn't put /have items around that I shouldn't have. Now I am working a regular 9-5 job, and there is temptation daily, or at least weekly. Today and every Thursday, our company brings in Panera bagels and I love the cinnamon ones. But today I said no, and didn't give in. It s also my wedding anniversary, and my husband wanted to take me to Ruth Chris for a steak, I texted him back, ARE YOU CRAZY? DID YOU FORGET I AM ON HCG AND CAN'T EVEN HAVE DRESSING ON A SALAD! Like Truetome said, it's a war, heh, battle of the bulge, huh. Or, you treat it like a job, and the pay is really more than just the pounds lost. You accomplish something you set out to do, that builds confidence and you lose weight, and look great is the bonus! Hang in there, you can do it, but it DOES take being a little antisocial. At least it does for me.
  5. kwanzaa4u1967's Avatar
    Dubbles, I want to start with saying Happy Anniversary to you!! I honestly like this forum of HCGer's... Collectively we all have so many experiences that all point in the same direction that someone here can always appreciate.... Like me!! Today was a good day and only tomorrow will tell.