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Sleepwalking HCGer!!

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I woke up this morning with a paper plate and a plastic fork next to my bed with the residue taste of something sweet still in my MOUTH!! The plate and fork offered NO clues to what food type service they provided - not even a CRUMB was left... I hopped on the scale and was down .8 (it is that TOM) and finally it hit me!!! Last night before bed I wasn't hungry at all, but I did fight the urge to go down to my freezer and pull out a piece of those decadent Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies I baked last month before starting P1. Yesterday I did stay on protocol until the visit to the kitchen in the middle of the night..... Too Funny!! So now I am drinking so much water this morning trying to FLUSH the Brownies OUT!! I can still feel them digesting in my stomach??? How weird..

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Updated April 12th, 2013 at 06:36 AM by kwanzaa4u1967



  1. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Oh kwanzaa! How funny! Were you actually sleepwalking?! MAN! lol...I'm sorry I don't mean to laugh, but every time I go to the store or Costco's I look at those dang gluten free or supposed fat/sugar free brownies or muffins and I drool so bad I need to call maintenance for mop clean up in freezer aisle! IdK why, either! Before protocol, I never really gave a rip about chocolate. I miss my cocoa crack..lol.

    Well, at least hopefully you remember that it tasted good! You have such a great attitude! Just stay POP and you'll be okay! Have a great day!
  2. kwanzaa4u1967's Avatar
    Laughter is so Great!! Shellibelli!! I know that salivating feeling whilst in the super market too!!! My mouth literally fills up! But yes, I have been known in the past for raiding the frig' uncontrollably.. And always in the middle of the night.. Can't explain it - but this hasn't happened to me in years. I used to wake up smelling something sweet and find plates full of syrup next to my bed!! I immediately knew I had raided the frozen Eggo waffles or French toast and my stomach would be grumbling having itself been up all night trying to digest it... Talk about being overworked!! All jokes aside, it was that behavior that had me gain darn near 20lbs. in 1 year. I don't know if it being that TOM had me relapsing or what, but I think I might have to get those Darn Brownies outa here!! LOL Or really try to FORGET they are there - NOT letting it be my last THOUGHT before BED... I'm just saying........
  3. pookster's Avatar
    OMG..that is hilarious...I would be so paranoid I would be slapping a big old mastercraft lock and chain on the freezer!! I gots me a frozen gold mine in there! Hey look at the bright side.. you are some brownies and still lost.. hot damn!