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5 days on P3 :-)

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So it's been 5 days on P3. The 1st couple of days were WEIRD lol! I've not realized how much I have grown to love the food on P2. I actually love the simplicity of the preparations and portioning of food on P2. P3 takes some getting use to that's for sure! So far my favorite dish is a spinach cheese omelet...........YUM! Still keeping everything healthy and eating my veggies & good sources of protein. I got a mild stomach bug Sunday & Monday, couldn't stand food or the smell of it. Thankfully by Tuesday I was feeling much better. I was afraid not eating my protein or veggies was gonna cause me to gain weight, but I didn't! YAY me! I've not cheated any, just keeping in line with P3 limitations. I still do not miss sugar or carbs!! I also started the DDP yoga today. Boy it felt SO good. Just by losing those 27 lbs on P2 made doing the yoga so much easier! I was impressed. Can't wait to do another round of HCG to see the weight drop some more!!

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  1. pookster's Avatar
    Your omelet sounds delish!! I know what you mean about simplicity..I wish there was a food menu for P3..like spelled out for me.. that way I would just eat it and not worry so much...left to my own resources I am afraid I might accidentally do/eat something I am not supposed to. Do you boil your spinach or just use fresh in the omelet?
  2. yep yep I can's Avatar
    YAY for you! Great job and good luck with P3.
  3. Kswigga's Avatar
    Congrats!!! I've been so worried about P3 that I've been seeking out blogs and vlogs about it even though it is many days away for me. Good luck!
  4. Ladybugdrives's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! :-)
    I've been researching like crazy, both recipes, and just general info about P3. I'm quickly learning just like in P2, P3 will require you to prepare most everything from scratch. But that's okay. Almost everything out there has sugar or starch in it!