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been awhile since I've been on here!

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Well I haven't posted on here in awhile. I finished up my first round of HCG in Feb(30 days). Lost 27 lbs. I stabilized for 6 weeks. I have never had better results from any other diet ever. I was looking forward to doing another round, but while on the 1st round I started my period, and it still hasn't stopped! So after a being prescribed meds to stop it, which still has yet to fully stop it, and a uterine biopsy (OUCH!!!!) my doc & I are working on a permanent solution. My doctor suspects the weight loss is the culprit, but wants me to continue to lose the weight. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS). So the weight loss and probably the HCG has sent me in to ovulation overtime. But I refuse to let this obstacle stop me from losing this weight!!! I have continued on the P3 diet. Having PCOS following a low carb, high protein diet is key to weight loss. So far I have lost 37 lbs! I'll take it! :-D The most I've lost on other diets is 25 lbs, so I'm floored by the 37! My family doctor told me since I have PCOS that I'd probably always be overweight, and eventually be a diabetic. I am out to prove him, and the others WRONG! Before the HCG diet I never had the willpower to cut out the carbs, they RULED my life! Could not imagine a day without a carb of any kind. I'd literally get sick if I didn't have them daily. So when I found out about HCG I was interested but hesitant to try it. But what could it hurt, I thought. The first 2 weeks were the hardest! But then the carb addiction was fully breaking & I never felt better! I'm so thankful I took the chance to do the HCG diet, it's been life changing, and that is after one round. I have learned so much about myself, and how my body & mind reacts to food. I know this time I have found the solution to losing weight the proper way for MY body. I will never think about food the same again. Life is too short to go through it sick, and exhausted because of the excess weight. I'd like to eventually get on round 2 of the HCG diet, but I think it's best to keep going as I am, follow a low carb diet, & exercise! Once my hormones are under control I'll probably give it a go. Owning your health is priceless, it takes time, dedication, & persistence. It's not always easy, or fun. But years from now I know I'll look back and be glad I made the changes when I did!

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  1. pookster's Avatar
    Great to hear from you LBD..congrats on your continued success. I just wanted to let you know that when I started HCG I started my tom...it disappeared on day 2..then I never saw it again until end of round ...at which point I had a massive clot..I am talking 6oz here. I googled it and it seems that rapid weight loss is the culprit so I didn't worry...but I then continued to have my tom for like 3 more weeks and right into the next one. My family dr said its from hormonal disturbance. But here is the kicker...I use homeopathic drops..no HCG in them.. so its just good ol rapid weight loss messing me up! I seem stable now and tom has returned to normal.. I start R2 Monday morning!
  2. Rabo's Avatar
    Congrats on your loss and successful stabilization. I've been wondering about you so I'm glad you updated.

    Round 2 for me begins this week too. I had the opposite with TOM. I was 18 or so days late and thought I was preggy!
  3. Ladybugdrives's Avatar
    Pookster-glad to know I'm not the only one with TOM issues with this weight loss. I thought about doing the homeopathic drops instead of the real hcg injections next round--thought I may not have as much reaction to it. I read online too that HCG can cause your ovaries to be over stimulated. So I'm sure that the weight loss has got my hormones all outta wack! Hope you have great success on R2!!
    Rabo-I bet that was a bit nerve racking!!! My cycles have never been regular :-/ I have been on bc pills for several years to regulate it but they have started to not work. So now the doctor wants to do the implanon device! So guess its trial & error. Hope you have great success on round 2 as well :-D